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Q & A/Final Thoughts

Please take time to complete both the ISTE 2011 BYOL Evaluation Form and our Exit Card. Feedback is essential for us to make both content and instructional adjustments to meet our BYOL goals.

A message from ISTE 2011

Dear ISTE 2011 BYOL Session Participant:

New this year, there are two ways to fill out evaluations for your BYOL session. For those who have downloaded the conference mobile app to their iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, fill out an evaluation by searching for your session, selecting the survey tab, and clicking on the “check responses that best describe your evaluation …” link.

Otherwise, evaluation forms are also accessible via the following web links starting on Saturday, June 25 and Monday, June 27 respectively:

BYOL Session Evaluation: http://www.surveymk.com/s/M5ZV9JP